dimanche 18 octobre 2009

The biggest liar and traitor at all times Filipino Martial Arts

The biggest liar and traitor at all times
Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese (Filipino) Martial Arts around the globe.

The lie that was the Philippines history about Filipino Martial Arts.
Philippines history "Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts" books, documentary, interviews are false.
Philippines history "Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts" books, documentary, interviews
are just products of propaganda (conspiracy and corruption) towards the practitionner of martial arts and the worldwide, deception, and lies.

Grand Master Gloria Blancia Thirnish from
Panay Island, Iloilo City, Arevalo Philippines.
A friend and a former student of
Late Lagendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia
present Dan Arca Cresanto Inosanto
from Negros-Occidental.


Grand Master Gloria Blancia Thirnish

" My agenda may have changed but not the fact that i am right "

" Time has made, my simplicity, my patience, my faith, my love,

my understanding, my humbleness but seems, all this things are
go behind the status of limitation.
For all of you, who possessed mind evil`s,
i take your challenged go out
show the people tell them
around the world that you speak the truth provided with your own artifacts not using my own videos in my youtube account. Moreover,
by using your individual screen name,
by using another people, politician, organization, association, religion, friends in showbiz, relatives in showbiz, students, employee ect. More than five decades from now , the same techniques what you had done in our entire families, strategy of brutality ,violent words, against us all. Do you think im scary ?
my answered is a big ( No!!!).Even do im alone, still the same and alway`s the same nothing can changed. once; i speak the truth, im not afraid to anyone. Here i am, the daughter of Late Grand Master Angel L. Blancia.
I would like to tell you, completely. What you deed in my entire life family,
by killing them in a violent way, antagonizing our life`s in a different situation ,
forever is one of the most unpardonable case. Obstruction the life`s of other.It`s not for fun, it`s not for money, it`s not for fame, it`s not for power, it`s not for love, it`s not for peace but it is all about between the life`s and justice for the people who are victims of circumtances.

Read this word from words to words

The biggest liar and traitor at all times
the Filipino Martial Art`s around the globe
towards the Blancia System.

Perhap's, we should become realistic the truth is the issue not the fact of assuming but the artifact necessary as worthy ends, desirable in the good beginnings.

Message from (Gloria Blancia Thirnish) daughter of
Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blanci

Well, its has been a long time ago for almost
75 years from now.
Since,I speak the truth surely no one can stop.
I'll think there is a reason, same as the nature of calamities
no one can opposed except God.
In my case, it's so unfair.
This is not the will of God
but it is the wil of h
uman evil`s.
In this world, as part of human beings,
everyone are entitled the 6 aspect of human rights.
Physically, Mentally ,Emotionally, Socially,
Spiritually and Politically.
All this aspect are rewarded to those people
who are not violates the law of land ( Government )
and the law of God.
It's simply means;
we are equal rich or poor,
politician or non politician,
showbiz or non showbiz,
professional or non professional ect.
We have rights to lived and
we have rights to die according to the will of God.
On the other hand,
we the Blancia family of mine are victims of circumtances.
Exactly as what they said.
Politician in the Philippines, Filipino Martial Arts
are take advantage by using their power and authority.
Yeah, there is a democracy only for those people
who are employed in the government especially
in high level position.
Each politician established the clan for their own good
and priorities preserving by their power and privileges.
Whether we like it or not, that is the fact.
Seldom you can find a purity heart in poltician
and Filipino Martial Arts.
Everyone possessed and loved for money.
Whereas, the justice is in their hands of course.

Without past there is no present that's
why we need past. Impossible to let them go
but to let them know.

Conspiracy, Corruption are powerful in the Philippines;
It is necessary to know the true history which was hidden
by the
Government of the Philippines since 1958,
and Security Exchange Commission since 1972
and Thousands thousands...of stude
nts of Filipino Martial Arts,
hinese Filipino Martial Arts in the worldwide
disclaimers the truth of reality until today.

Because, we speak the truth and reality about ours historical photos and story.

Well, we do understand they will follows us,
where ever we are and surely on behalf of my families
are openly danger their prospective lifes from all timed in the Philippines.
There is no exception even do im here in Quebec, Canada,
we are facing the same problem.
Our lifes is danger all the timed not only myself ( Gloria Blancia )
but same too my extended family as my husband ( Rolland Thirnish ),
coz we speak the truth and reality about ours story.
Filipino Martial Arts are always at the gate, truth revealed and it hurts
with great embarassment in their integrity.

Just watch this from Filipino Martial Arts

Our IP is true and
Filipino Martial Arts Organisation Doce Pares WEKAF Kali
follow us since 1959 until today to Sept-iles Canada
and Panay Island, Iloilo City in the Philippines.

Since her (Gloria Blancia Thirnish) discovered
their students and friends family,
However, Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Filipino Martial Arts
keeps on humiliating, criticism and put them in garbage
their Grand Master Angel L. Blancia,
Grand Master Gloria Blancia Thirnish videos and stories.
Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Filipino Martial Arts
insulted Gloria husband's (Rolland Thirnish) accent french canadian etc, etc....

Here' some video about Filipino Martial Arts insulting, humiliating, criticism
their only one Grand Master Angel L. Blancia
and his daughter Grand Master Gloria Blancia Thirnish
and his husband Rolland Thirnish

and all Blancia Family.

Part 1

Self proclaimed master gloria blancia has been spreading vicious rumours and claims, she and her husband roland thirnish has used the internet to spread false claims about her father : Angel Blancia.
Now Grand Master Gloria Blancia Thirnish cured much of peoples with "HILOT" Kung-Fu Massage & Yoga Therapy Massage. FAKE LOL!
claims such as Angel blancia being the creator of kung fu and martial arts in the philippines.

they have exagerrated and doctored even pictures of significant filipino martial artists who have sacrificed to promote the Filipino Martial arts of Eskrima-Kali-Arnis.

Gloria Blancia and her husband Roland Thirnish are from Canada and have released all these lies just to sell a book they themselves published. they also intend to run a school teaching a fake form of doce pares eskrima.

this is a video to expose them, and to warn anyone who may be ripped off by this couple.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



Updating news coming soon.

We received this message thru our email account from Filipino Martial Arts practitionner.

oy! sira ulo! 'wag ka na ngang mag-ingles, putang ina mo ka! napaghahalata tuloy na me topak ka sa ulo. mga puki nang ina ninyo! kung-fu kung-fu, barilin ko pa kayong lahat d'yan nakita ninyo!

They kept warning us to kill us all (Rolland & Gloria Blancia Thirnish & all Blancia family) because we speak the truth about Filipino Martial Arts Students & Friends family.

The hidden truth